Stay At Home Plant Activities

by Elise and Madison April 17, 2020

Stay At Home Plant Activities

Hey, plant fam: we've gathered planty of stay-at-home plant activities for you, brought to you by YOU! On March 28th we asked our plant-loving Instagram community to share some of their top activities to do at home, and we have compiled quite the list. Get a paper and pen ready, or prepare to screenshot the ideas below!
1. Repotting plants
2. Moving and rearranging plants based on new lighting schedule with spring
3. Experimenting with Macrame hanging planters
4. Checking plants for new growth
5. Pruning
Planting edibles
6. Planting edibles
7. Starting an indoor garden from seeds collected from fruits and veggies
8. Propagating
9. Hanging a rod to hang more plants from
10. Mixing mural art with living plant walls
11. Making a window plant shelf out of wood and rope
12. Discovering new and creative ways to bring more light to plants
13. Making a butterfly garden
14. Turning a bathroom into a rainforest with hanging humidity-loving plants
15. Buying more plants
16. Showing kids how to garden
Mini terrariums
17. Making a mini terrarium
18. Searching for more exotic plants
19. Building a propagation station with little jars mounted on a wood plank
20. Making more shelves for plants
21. Saving dying plants
22. Building moss poles for plants
Wiping off leaves
23. Wiping dust off all leaves
24. Using WallyGro for vertical gardening needs
25. Taking free master gardening classes online
26. Transforming a room into a greenhouse
27. Organizing an outside container garden
28. Focusing on getting rid of pests, like mealybug
29. Upcycling old food containers into pots
30. Fertilizing plants
Happy planting, plant fam!

Elise and Madison