How to Fundraise for a School Garden

by Callie england October 19, 2017

Fundraising Kit

We are here to help you fundraise for your WallyGro School Garden! Click to download documents.

5 Ways to Pay for your WallyGro School Garden

Follow these five methods to reach your fundraising goal of $1,000!

School Garden Grants Resources 

Includes a list of databases which list available school garden grants, as well as a list of ongoing school garden grants. 

WallyGro Tips on Applying for a School Garden Grant 

Here are some typical garden grant questions and some Woolly tips on how to best answer them! 

WallyGro Fundraising Ideas 

We’ve put together a list of our favorite green fundraisers that you can host to raise funds for your WallyGro School Garden! 

Fundraising Flyer Template

Personalize this flyer with your school's information, and direct your community to your donation page!

Donation Request Letter 

Use the WallyGro Garden Donation Request Letter to request donations from local businesses, radio stations, and community groups.

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