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Edible Schoolyard: A Universal Idea


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Get inspired to create your own WallyGro School Garden! One of America's most influential chefs, Alice Waters, created a revolution in 1971 when she introduced local, organic fare at her Berkeley, California, restaurant, Chez Panisse. Twenty-five years later, she and a small group of teachers and volunteers turned over long-abandoned soil at an urban middle school in Berkeley and planted the Edible Schoolyard. The schoolyard has since grown into a universal idea of Edible Education that integrates academics with growing, cooking, and sharing wholesome, delicious food. With inspiring images of the garden, kitchen, and their young caretakers, Edible Schoolyard is at once an ideal model for sustainable farming and childhood nutrition, and a call to action for schools across the country. Teachers and parents alike will love using this book to inform and inspire their school garden projects!


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