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Wally Pro 1 Black Wall Planter Pocket


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Make your walls gorgeously lush with our Wally Pockets! Wally Pockets are lightweight modular containers that are made of sustainably manufactured materials (100% recycled plastic water bottles) and are hand-stitched in the USA with durable UVA resistant thread. Wally’s breathable front panel allows soil to aerate naturally, encouraging plants to air prune while maintaining even levels of moisture. 


For indoor applications, we recommend using a professional installer who will run a drip irrigation system. If watered incorrectly, Pro Pockets can become damp which could result in potential water damage to untreated drywall. While Pro Pockets are an inorganic material, the combination of overwatering and organic soil matter can lead to mold growth. For indoor or outdoor use we always advise that Pro Pockets are installed with a protective, impermeable barrier between the drywall and the felt pocket; this can be something as simple as a poly shower curtain cut to scale.


While our Pro pockets are lined with a waterproof barrier, this lining only extends 25% of the way up the front panel, which allows the front of the pocket/soil to breathe. If hand watering, it is imperative that soil be packed at a 2" slant; lower at the back and higher at the front. This slant will create a reservoir for watering and will prevent water from saturating the front of the pocket. Watering should be performed with a fine point dram that is aimed toward the back panel of the pocket. 


Size: 15" H x 24” W
Soil Volume: 0.40 cu.ft
Made from 100% recycled water bottles


Spacing Guides


For a flush living wall, we suggest hanging the Wally Five on a  22" W x 13" H drill hole to drill grid; this is the tightest measurement you can achieve with our felt planter. This measurement is based on overlapping the grommets horizontally and overlapping the pockets vertically. For more mature plants and/or more spacing, scale this grid accordingly. 

Parts List

1 Pocket
2 Dry Wall Anchors
2 Screws


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If you are in any way dissatisfied with a product you ordered, we’ll exchange it, replace it, or refund your money within 30 days of purchase. Simply use our contact form to obtain return address.

Wally Ecos and Wally Pockets have an extended manufacturer warranty (up to 5 years) that covers defects, as long as product has/is being used to spec. Additional hardware or modification of product voids this warranty.