The Wally Community Garden kit enhances communities by turning any sunny wall or fence into a vertical edible garden! The user-friendly Wally Eco planter is designed with a breathable front panel and a dedicated watering reservoir for optimal plant health.

Thank you to UC San Diego Center for Community Health, Studio Nectary, Healthy Planet, and the Biome School Outdoor Learning Center for providing photos of their gardens.

The Wally School Garden Kit turns any sunny wall or fence into a vertical edible garden, and the downloadable curriculum allows teachers to easily instruct their students on how to grow their own food and make healthy choices.

WallyGro is proud to work with Healthy Planet USA to inspire a new generation of conscious eaters through the implementation of school gardens. Healthy Planet creates programs that give students a hands on experience, connects them to what they eat, and nurtures their creativity and entrepreneurship. By establishing these gardens, Healthy Planet makes it easy for students to improve the health and well-being of their peers and families, strengthen their communities and help heal the planet. 

WallyGro Garden Kits

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