Drip Irrigation

Setting up an irrigation system is easier than you may think - follow this guide and you’ll be on your way to automated watering in no time. Below are explanations of the points of interest in the irrigation diagram above, created specifically for our vertical garden wall planter products.   

1. Timer

Allows for automated watering at an interval you choose. A watering schedule for varieties of plants and locations can be found and downloaded further down this page.

2. Supply Line Kit

This is a necessary kit for all drip line systems; included you will find 1 pressure regulator, 1 adaptor, and 25' of 1/4" supply line. The pressure regulator and adaptor come as one piece and easily mount to the main water source.
If your water source is further away than 25', additional 1/4" drip line is available for purchase.
1/4" supply line can feed a maximum of 50 Wally Pro Pockets or 50 Wally Eco planters; for larger installs, you will need to purchase a kit from Dig Gardens that contains 1/2" supply line and connectors. 

3. Drip Line Slot (Eco)

Each Wally Eco features two slots on its sides that allows for drip line to be run through, keeping the line in place.

4. Drip Kit (Eco)

Each Wally Eco has a corresponding drip kit that includes two 12" lengths of 1/4" drip line, 1 emitter with 1/4" line attached, 2 barb couplings, 1 elbow, 1 tee, and 1 plug. This is enough material to connect 1 Eco to a drip line and to another Eco. 
To have enough irrigation material for your vertical garden, you should obtain 1 Drip Kit for each Wally Eco in your order. 

5. Drip Emitter (Eco)

The drip line connects to a drip emitter that dispenses up to 2 liters of water per hour. The emitter sits behind the divider, directing the water into the watering channel. The drip emitter is included in the Wally Eco Drip Kit.

6. Drip Line Slot (Pocket) 

Each Wally Pro Pocket features a small slit in the felt on each side, above the pocket itself, that allows for drip line to be run through and behind the back panel, holding it up on either side of the pocket. 

7. Drip Kit (Pocket)

Each Wally Pro Pocket has a corresponding Drip Kit that spans the length of the pocket and includes additional connectors, including a plug that stops water from leaving the drip line at the end of its reach for a leakproof application. Shown in the diagram on this page is the Wally 1 Drip Kit. 
To have enough irrigation material for your wall, you should obtain 1 Drip Kit for each Pro Pocket in your order, and be sure to select the kit that corresponds to its size (Wally 1, Wally 3, Wally 5, etc.).

8. Staggered Drip Points (Pocket)

Emitters are spaced 6" apart for even and consistent watering to all areas of the pocket. The drip line should be placed behind the rear flap, not directly in contact with the soil or plants.