Wally Eco Installation

Effortless, effective, and eco-friendly

How to plant and install a Wally Eco living wall planter at home. Click on an image to read more!

Wally Pro Pocket Installation

How to install a Wally Pro Pocket: click on an image to read more!

To create a flush wall with Wally Pro Pockets, pockets in the same row should share grommets and overlap. 

Wally Pro Jr. Pockets should be spaced 16" W x 10" H, while Pro Pockets should be 22" W x 12" H. 

You got this.

We believe in your skills. If you need any help at all, email us at hello@wallygro.com.

Wally Loop Installation

How to install a Wally Loop: click on an image to read more!

Tired of watering by hand?

Check out our drip line irrigation instructions below.

Drip Line Irrigation Installation

Easy, hands-free plant care

WallyGro drip line irrigation was designed to be an easy to use and maintain automated watering addition for our plant wall products. Click on the diagram below for explanations of points of interest.

The timer should be adjusted seasonally to apply the right amount of irrigation.

Download our handy Timer Schedule here!