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Living Plant Wall

"It’s been on my plant checklist to have a Living Plant Wall so I’m delighted to finally put one through the ringer! This is installed in my home studio above one of my work desk: a welcome scenery to [what] once was a blank canvas of a wall. For this project, we're using the WallyGro Eco planters in White."

These are the colors, patterns and home design trends you’ll be seeing in 2019

"Things are quite literally looking up for plants in 2019 as Pinterest noted a 287 percent hike in searches for vertical gardens in its trends report. ...These wall-mounted gardens combine practicality (health benefits, growing your own herbs), bringing the outdoors inside in a dramatic way and a unique focal point to your home."

WallyGro Gardens - Installation and Care Instructions

"Vertical gardens are a beautiful way to show off plants, cover an unsightly wall, or create privacy in a courtyard. Because they are hung vertically, vertical gardens hardly take up any space. The WallyGro Vertical Gardening System is unique because it’s easy to install, completely modular, and very easy to maintain."

10 Statement-Making Vertical Garden Ideas

"Available in [twelve] brilliant colors, Wally Eco might be the simplest vertical garden planter out there. It’s easy as pie to mount, and the self-watering chamber makes irrigation a breeze."

Creating a living wall in your home

"WallyGro invented the Wally [Pro] Pockets system that can be attached to a wall, on top of each other to recreate a natural ecosystem. The pockets are waterproof and deep enough so all kind of plants can be planted in a vertical wall. The pockets also help plants maintain the necessary moisture, find enough nutrients in the soil and most importantly, have stunning living walls in our home, mess-free."


"Once you’ve scoped out a perfect location for your green wall, you can start thinking about the containers to grow it in. For a low-fuss option, Oakes is a fan of WallyGro’s pocket gardens, which affix to all different types of walls and have self-watering capabilities."

Living walls are growing on us

"It can take anywhere from one month to a year to construct a living wall, but the result can—theoretically—last forever. “[Wally] Pockets are designed to last as long as you,” says Kunst. “They are made from durable, 100 percent recycled milk jugs that can withstand the test of time.” As plants are living, breathing things, their lifespan depends on the care and maintenance that they receive, but if the need arises, a plant can be replaced."


"If you need more edible-wall guidance from a Reno designer, Nathan Brown’s company, Buds & Blooms, specializes in live walls, outdoor container gardens, floral arrangements for special events and weddings, and conceptual designs for small landscapes. Brown made a name for himself in the industry after constructing a 40-by-25-foot live wall at the Tesla Gigafactory in Storey County in less than 48 hours."

A Landscape Designer's 5 Main Tips For Bringing the Outdoors In

"Turn a blank or otherwise bland wall into a major focal point with a vertical garden—from a full-length living wall to a smaller, wall-mounted container-style option that allows you to display herbs, succulents, or plants in rows....Edible planters adorn the wall of this carbon-positive prefab home."

The Founder of Blue Bottle Coffee Lists a Stylish San Francisco Victorian For $3.85M

"The kitchen enjoys natural light and features white Corian counters, custom powder-coated aluminum shelves, and a WallyGro green wall with automatic watering and lighting integration. The family uses the greens and herbs in their meals."

The greenest classroom in the world might be in Seattle

"The Sustainable Education Every Day (SEED) classroom is a space designed with green technology to both conserve resources and serve as a hands-on learning environment where students can see and interact with every aspect of the conservation technology."

30+ Vertical Gardens to Show off Your Green Thumb

"Composed of non-toxic biodegradable material, these pouches are super durable. Metal grommets make them easy to attach to a wall with screws. The standard 15" x 24" pockets, which hold up to 20 pounds of soil apiece, accommodate most annuals, plus small edibles and perennials."

Office Planter Ideas for a more creative, productive & healthy life!

"We love the Wallygro Eco Planters & the planter stands. Every other week, we set-up an alert on our phone to put water in the reservoir in the back of the planter. Since the design of the planter allows the roots of the plants to receive water first, you water less. In terms of the planter stand, we designed this stand to work with the eco planters."

Self-Watering Planters That Will Help You Get a Green Thumb

"Self-watering planters take the guessing game out of the equation by giving the plants the right amount of moisture to grow. They’re also a great option for people who travel assuring plant owners that their plants will be taken care of while they’re out of town."

Creating a Living Wall in Our Guest Bedroom

"So, I want to make the room into a sweet escape. I've always loved hosting. When I thought about what I could do to make it a special place for someone to stay, my mind immediately went to the idea of a living wall because there isn't a whole lotta floor space for plants in there. So go vertical, y'all! I got some WallyGro living wall planters which are made from sustainable materials."

Maria’s Favorite Things / Holiday Gift Guide

"For anyone who has aspirations of a living wall in their homes or on their patios, a Wallygro set would be the perfect gift. They come with everything you need to attach the planters on your wall and assembly seems very easy. How dreamy would it be to wake up to a WALL of plants?!?!"

Episode 51: How to Live with a “Crazy Plant Person”

"Plant Friends, you’ve heard me talk about my “Plant Co Parent” on this podcast, you’ve seen in him in our Botanicals and Booze Happy Hour Insta-stories, or maybe in our most recent Wallygro Install insta-story, and now, it’s time for me to officially introduce to the love of my life, and “partner in plants,” Billy Morrissey, to you."

The Hottest New Garden Shop in the City

"What makes Green Lady Gardens different from your average garden shop? Walls in brilliant hues; Saltillo-tile floors; a salsa-music soundtrack; and stacks of pots and home textiles—inspired by owner Jessica Schutz’s love of Latin American cultures—make it feel like a tropical garden party for some 400 happy houseplants." 5280 Home Magazine, April/May 2019 issue, p.23

Interior splash page featuring Wally Eco planters.

Cities Chef Comes to Fiddlehead

"[T]he James Beard Award winning chef is bringing his experience to Rochester as the new culinary and sustainability director at Fiddlehead Coffee Co."

Cover image featuring Wally Eco planters.

A Garden For Any Space

"Vertical planters, hung close together, can give you a practical way to turn a shady wall into a pretty backdrop for alfresco get-togethers. Pick plants with a tropical feel - ones with feathery, dramatic foliage that will spill over the edge of planters." Real Simple, May 2019 issue, p.111-116

Interior spread illustration featuring Wally Eco planters.

Lifestyle Fresh Picks: Urban Growth

"Don't let limited space squash fledgling dreams of homegrown produce, air-purification via greenery and an Insta-worthy urban jungle of your own. Invest in innovative planters and wall-hangers to make your verdant dreams take root." San Diego Home and Garden Lifestyles, April 2019 issue, p.78

Interior product guide featuring Wally Eco planters.

Recycled Plastic Planter

"There's no shortage of waste plastic unfortunately, so the more things we can make from recycled plastic the better. WallyGro has been using old plastic bottles to make their garden planters for around a decade and has developed a breathable vertical garden planter made from heavy recycled plastic felt." Modern Green Homes Sanctuary, Issue 45, p.12

Interior product guide featuring Wally Eco planters.

BHG throwback 1925 Vertical Gardens

"Today's gardeners have an amazing array of tools (and styles of tools) at their dirt-loving fingertips for lifting plants off the ground: traditional trellises and tuteurs, of course, but also modern pocket planters, space-saving stacked planters, and freestanding plant screens." Better Homes & Gardens, June 2017 issue, p.168

Interior product guide featuring Wally Eco planters.