Strategic Partnerships

Want to be featured on our social media? Here's how:




Make sure to tag @wallygro in your story or post showcasing your living wall planters, whether it be process of planting them, caring for your plants, standing in front of your wall, showcasing your wall, or simply holding your planter. Have fun with it!

Meaningful Content

Have any insights, tips or tricks for fellow plant lovers? Share your honest opinions, and be genuine - we want you to love our planters as much as we do, and we’re always looking to improve our customers’ experiences with them. How-to stories, showing your process, and talking about good applications for the planters (such as tight urban living spaces) are all great options to engage with the community. 




Above all, what we need are raw photos, meaning they are in their original state from how the camera took them, at full resolution. You don’t have to have a DSLR camera for this - photos taken with your phone’s camera will work great. No editing or cropping whatsoever should be applied to the photos before sending them off; our design team will take care of making you look good! Remember to email your photos to at their full, original size. 


When taking photos, consider that these will be featured on Instagram, and should be able to be cropped to a square (1:1) ratio and not lose visual interest. To achieve this, we have some tips for you. See the gallery below for examples of good photos!

  1. Try rotating your phone to take both vertical and horizontal photos.
  2. Stand back and make sure you get the entire wall and surrounding scenery included in the photo. No macro shots (photos that are extremely zoomed in to the subject), please. We love to see our planters in their natural habitat, pulling your room, porch, etc. together!
  3. Take photos straight-on rather than at an angle. Angled shots can be fun, but ultimately don’t showcase your vertical garden wall quite as well. If you do get crazy with the angles, make sure you also take some straight-on photos as far back as you can, which allows us more options when cropping the image.  
  4. Take photos with a centered composition where your planter/wall is in the middle of the photograph, before playing with asymmetrical compositions. Both can be fantastic, but we like to have the centered photo as a baseline to fall back on. 
  5. When taking photos, consider taking process shots or videos, showcasing the styling of the planters' surroundings, including people or yourself in the shot as well as the wall by itself, and taking photos that show your personality. 
  6. Finally, we welcome gifs or videos! If you intend to use gifs or videos, please send your highest resolution .gif or .mp4 file to us at