Wally Eco Spring Ombre Wall Planter 9 Pack



Limited Time Offer for the month of March!

Get 3 Wally Eco Clover, 3 Wally Eco Mint, and 3 Wally Eco White Wall Planters at a discounted rate!

Our Patented Wally Eco Vertical Garden Wall Planter design will turn any thumb green. With its sleek design, simple assembly, and excellent plant environment, growing a vertical garden has never been easier. Simply mount the wall bracket, fill the Wally Eco, and hang; 3 easy steps to bringing your walls to life!




Size: 8” H x 11.75” W x 8” D
Suggested soil volume: ~15 cups or 4.25 quarts of tightly packed soil with one 6" plant with a depth of 5"
Suggested plant volume: 1 6” diameter plant
Material: 100% recycled milk jugs (HDPE) BPA Free
Pantone: 491 C
Suggested Paint Swatch: BEHR Forbidden Red


Hanging Suggestions


For a flush vertical garden wall, we suggest hanging the Wally Eco planters on a 12" W x 10" H point-to-point grid; this is the tightest measurement you can achieve with our hard shell planter. For more mature plants and/or more spacing, scale this grid accordingly. 


Parts List


3 White Baskets
3 Clover Baskets 
3 Mint Baskets
9 Dividers 
9 Mounting Brackets
9 Drywall Anchors
9 Screws


Satisfaction Guaranteed


If you are in any way dissatisfied with a product you ordered, we’ll exchange it, replace it, or refund your money within 30 days of purchase. Simply use our contact form to obtain return address.

Wally Eco planters and Wally Pro Pockets have an extended manufacturer warranty (up to 5 years) that covers defects, as long as product has/is being used to spec. Additional hardware or modification of product voids this warranty.