Wally Nutrients Houseplant Mix




Wally Houseplant Nutrients exclusively blended for WallyGro by Joyful Dirt are suitable for all houseplants. These organic, soluble soil additives make caring for plants easier by delivering nutrients and beneficial fungi to help your plants grow fuller and stronger.

  • No risk of over-application
  • Mycorrhizae improves root systems, water and nutrient uptake
  • Seaweed, humic acid and organic bio-fungicide reduces the risk of fungal disease
  • Odorless blend formulated with indoor use in mind
  • Organic formula that is safe for pets and kids

Simply mix 2 tbsp with 1 gallon of water and water plants as normal. Repeat once per month.

5% Nitrogen, 0.5% Available Phosphate, 2% Soluble Potash

Not available for sale outside of the United States.

Must be applied immediately upon mixing, if left to sit for a prolonged period an odor will develop. 


Our Key Ingredient: Mycorrhizae



How To Use