Wally Jr. II Pocket



Our newest Wally Pocket! The Wally Jr. was created to be smaller in footprint, but with the same effectiveness of our beloved Wally 1 pocket. We've brought the pocket depth from 10" to 8", reduced the back exposed panel from 5" to 3", and extended the moisture barrier liner further up the front panel to prevent leakage in interior use.

Add Wally Jr. 2 Straps to saddle bag or extend!


While our Pro pockets are lined with a waterproof barrier, this lining only extends 25% of the way up the front panel, which allows the front of the pocket/soil to breathe. If handing watering, it is imperative that soil be packed at a 2" slant; lower at the back and higher at the front. This slant will create a reservoir for watering and will prevent water from saturating the front of the pocket. Watering should be performed with a fine point dram that is aimed towards the back panel of the pocket. 


Size: 10.5" H x 34” W  (grommets are spaced 16")
Pocket Depth: 8" Deep
Made from 100% recycled water bottles


Hanging suggestion

For a flush living wall, we suggest hanging the Wally Jr. II on a 16" W x 9" H drill hole to drill grid; this is the tightest measurement you can achieve with our felt planter. This measurement is based on overlapping the grommets horizontally and overlapping the pockets vertically. For more mature plants and/or more spacing, scale this grid accordingly.


Parts List

1 Pocket 
3 Dry Wall Anchors
3 Screws

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are in any way dissatisfied with a product you ordered, we’ll exchange it, replace it, or refund your money within 30 days of purchase. Simply use our contact form to obtain return address.

Wally Ecos and Wally Pockets have an extended manufacturer warranty (up to 5 years) that covers defects, as long as product has/is being used to spec. Additional hardware or modification of product voids this warranty. 

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