Wally Potting Mix




WallyGro has teamed up with Wonder Soil to create the Wally Potting Mix, a compressed growing medium that your plants will love. Wally Potting Mix is pre-mixed and ready to go: just add water, mix, and plant. Pair with Wally Nutrients to give your plants the TLC they deserve.

  • Specially formulated with rock minerals for increased aeration and drainage
  • Includes worm castings to help repel pests that feed on plant juices such as whiteflies, aphids and spider mites
  • Light fibrous texture with coco coir, kelp and mycorrhizae for superior health and growth
  • Biodegradable, neutral pH, low EC (salt), and ships completely dry
  • Expands to 4-5x times its shipped volume when mixed with water


  • The small bag contains .85 lbs of potting mix which expands to 13 cups with water
  • The large bag contains 1.7 lbs of potting mix which expands to 27 cups with water


Coco Coir, Mycorrhizae, Worm Castings, Kelp, Calcium, Rock Minerals, 15-15-15 and 9-6-1 Fertilizers, Perlite

Not available for sale outside of the US


Our Key Ingredient: Worm Castings



How To Use